10 Best Google Font Pairings and Combinations 2019


Great font pairings can make or break a design. As a beginner, one first step is to understand how to CONTRAST.

Contrast refers to pairing two fonts that are sufficiently distinct from each other in appearance.

Two visually distinctive fonts will help readers differentiate between header and body text easily.

How to achieve Contrast? Is it hard?

Not really. You can start by picking one sans serif font and another serif font to create visual contrast. This way, both fonts can be differentiated in a subtle but noticeable way.

If you are uncertain about what are sans serif fonts and serif fonts, you can refer to our ultimate branding checklist 2019. We have covered the four various font categories in the checklist.

Check out our Ultimate Branding Checklist 2019 article for details

Even though sometimes two sans serif fonts or serif fonts can still be a great combination – hence it really depends on the context and how you are going to use the fonts.

Here we will show you 10 examples using Google Fonts, which are entirely free. A great way to get started with font pairing – before we move on to cover other premium fonts!

Let’s get started with our 10 examples of Google font pairings!

1. Raleway and Open Sans

2. Sansita and Source Sans Pro

3. Merriweather and Quicksand

4. Quicksand and Raleway

5. Lora and Merriweather

6. Playfair Display and Roboto

7. Bree Serif and Quicksand

8. Montserrat and Merriweather

9. Source Sans Pro and Lora

10. Domine and Roboto

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