My name is Bon Lam. I am from Hong Kong (yes dim sum, star ferry and all those goodies)!

Hi! This is me!

I started my career as a business analyst at BlackRock but soon after working as a 9-5, I soon realized I have a passion for entrepreneurship.

I founded an online graphic creation platform namely It was featured on Betalist and Betapage as top trending startups when we first launched.

Later in my entrepreneurial venture, I managed small e-commerce stores that sell graphic tees and socks. I also ran a number of Instagram curation accounts that are related to graphic art.

Yes I soon realize, I love graphic design and art.  

I am also fascinated by the initial stage of starting a brand. How to pick a name? Design a website? Pick a logo? Choose color? It’s way more interesting than I have ever imagined.

I am intrigued!

What is

One day, I bumped into the idea of blogging.

What if I can write all I know about branding and design in my years of entrepreneurial venture.

What if I can show people how I started brands on my very own – with a limited budget.  

This marks how is born. This moodboard really sums up a big part of our visual identity.

Learn the 12 killer tips to design an inspirational mood board

Yes. is my personal brand. But it’s more than that. It’s an online guide for all of you. It’s about branding and design.

Who may love

  • Entrepreneurs who are looking to establish their own brand with a limited budget
  • Anyone who wants an super-easy-to read and fun guide on how to establish a more visible, successful brand
  • Designers who look for design inspirations
minimalist photo with plant

Why you should care about

The digital design industry is changing every day. There are new startups that disrupt and shape the industry.

To name a few big online players (including but in no way limited to):

  • Graphic Design: Canva
  • Photography: Shutterstock
  • Design Templates: Envato Markets
  • Icons: Flaticon and Icon8
  • Logo Design: Logojoy

Yet this is just the beginning. New players come in every day.

Don’t get outdated. Stay tuned to us. We will show you what is relevant in the design industry and why.

Next Steps?

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