Best Printable & Digital Planners for Goodnotes and Notability

Are you a disorganized person? Do you want a more organized and well-planned life? These 6 free printable and digital planners will change your life.

These planners will work well even if you are using Goodnotes or Notability.

They will cover various facets of your life from planning your day to your week, from planning your workout to your lunch meals.

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1. Weekly Meal Planner

Keep track of what you want to get this week for your meals. Sometimes we overeat because we are not mindful of what we are planning to get for lunch or dinner. Try the planner now.

digital planner 1

2. Lunch Meal Planner

f you work in an office or stay at school, you might find ordering lunchboxes every day costly and tiresome (esp if you need to queue for food during peak hours). With this planner, you will be able to plan ahead and possibly cook and bring your own lunch!

digital planner 2

3. My Daily Planner

Do you feel like you are not able to accomplish enough every day? Do you feel tired working endlessly but still realize your outstanding work is always piling up? If yes, you need this planner.

You need to start prioritizing what is Important versus Urgent. Start dealing with tasks that are both important and urgent first.

digital planner 3

4. My Weekend Planner

Sometimes we want to fully recharge and chill during weekend but due to household chores / too much time spent on social media. We ended up exhausting ourselves and realizing our weekend is wasted. Plan ahead now for your weekend!

planner 4

5. My Weekly Planner

Do you want a clearer goal for your upcoming week so you won’t be drifting to complete isolated but unimportant tasks? You need this planner if so. Start planning your week now.

planner 5

6. Weekend Success Checklist

Inspired by Forbes and Business Insider, I have put together a list of things successful people do during their weekends. Try this checklist out yourself now and don’t waste your weekend anymore!

planner 6

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